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Indy Auction (January 12, 2002) Pics


  Just to let everyone know - I am in no way associated with US Amusements' auctions, nor are the games pictured in the Auction pages of my site mine, except as noted ("MINE! MINE! MINE!, for example"). I occasionally sell my own games there, or buy new games for my collection, but that's the extent of it. I would have thought that was perfectly clear, but apparently there's a number of folks out there who think otherwise.

    To be kind, I've only loaded poor-quality thumbnails on this page. Click on the picture to take a look at the larger, clearer image, then hit your "Back" button to come back to this page.

    I was unfortunately unable to attend this auction, but do have partial results and some pictures of the various games to share with you. Impressions of the auction from Scott are that this auction was not well-attended, and the prices were quite low. Many of the items appeared to be buy-backs, and bidding was slow. I'm certain we'll be seeing many of these games here again in March. From what I have seen so far from these most recent Indianapolis auctions, they're really only worth going to if you are looking for an old junker, a relatively common game, or one of the newer video games. If you're looking for a Sinistar, Tempest, Robotron, etc., you may be better off attending one of the Cleveland auctions, or the Super Auction in Mesquite, TX.

    See if you can spot all the conversions in the below pictures, and send me an e-mail with your vote for the worst conversion of this auction. I'll start a running feature, and the conversion that gets the most votes from each auction will go into a special "Hall of Shame" section on the site. Check out the previous auctions I have pictures from on this site and submit candidates from those as well. Just make sure you tell me the picture name (right click and look for the "View Image" or similar option, it should tell you the file name) and which auction it's from. Submit your entries here.

Normally I have the prices by the games, but this time around I'll just list the prices below, and pictures after that. Thanks again to Scott for providing auction prices and the digital pictures!!

DK Cocktail 210
DK3 Cocktail 150
Warlords 360
Pinball cocktail Startrip 110
Space Invaders ??? Had screen problems.

MS PAC 450
Defender 210
Burger Time 230
Centipede 525
Road Blasters 250
Sprint I (works) 70
Outrun 255
Powerdrift 195
Final Blow 85
Mini Centipede 475
Road Riot 180
MS PAC 625
Defender 625
Centuri Eagle 125
PoleII 75
Asteroids 315
Make Traxx 4??
Sportster 300 110
Mini Galaga 655
Buck Rogers 225
Playchoice 100


Alright, what the hell is this game on the left?!?


Again, what the hell is this cabinet?!?


This game looks familiar... :)


Question for you sharp-eyed folks who attended: What did the Flash pinball sitting on the left go for? I did not see it posted in any of the results.


Another pic of the sharp-looking Buck Rogers game


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