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The first stop on our Gallery of Horrors tour is brought to us by Hal in Hot Springs, AR.

"I'll offer backstory on the games, since I snapped all the pics. The pics were taken right after I gave up on getting the games. A friend let me 'in' on the games, they were free for the taking, but EVERY game had to be removed.
Well, the friend said be prepared for the worst as he opened the door to the place, but man, I was in some sort of denial, as I did NOT expect the games to be that far gone. The place has a metal roof, it rusted thru in spots, and 2 years later, you get what's seen in the pics. The guy that owns the games stuck them in there, and he said they were all working. He ignored them for ~2 years, and when he finally checked on them, well, it was too late.

By the 5th game I was just too tired, dirty and disgusted to keep on. The floor was a mushy paste of water, dirt, ceiling tile and insulation, the water didn't drain and so all the games were soaked on the bottom, even the ones not under the small 10-ish foot rusted roof area pockmarked with tiny holes. I wanted to get the vector games, but of course they were all behind the rest of the crap, and 3-4 rotted pool tables blocked a possible side route to them. When you moved a game, the top part moved, and the bottom part remained. One game I started to move just collapsed in on itself. It was futile to hope to get any game out in one piece. I ended up w/the task of disposing of the games we'd take, and well, the task slowly grew to pose too much of an effort. I envisioned a burn pile stacked to the gods, aiiie!

The games are still sitting in the place, rotting away. If I had a key I'd sneak back and gut that space duel. Since I don't, well, rot in peace, I guess."

The setting: an innocent-looking overgrown building on a bright sunny day.. not the sort of place where you would expect to see such horror!

The years of neglect have taken their toll on this building, and on the occupants within, as revealed:

No one knew what disgusting deeds were taking place within these confines, until they were brought to horrifying light!

Unfortunately only a few items were able to be saved, though perhaps the best word for this lot is UNSALVAGEABLE:

Any further horrors should be reported to me here, and I will post them later.

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