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Super Spacefortress Macross (Fabtek, 1992) (Page 2)

Macross Plus (Banpresto, 1996) (Page 2)


Cleaning and Repair, or "We don't need no steenkin' MARQUEE!"

    The cabinet was formerly Pac Man, and had been converted to JAMMA and had it's sides painted black. The CP looks to have been completely redone, as it now has 2 joysticks, and two buttons for each player. The monitor bezel was also replaced, as the game had been converted to.. Twin Eagle. I have removed the Twin Eagle marquee, bezel and board, and currently have Macross Plus in it. It's an ugly arrangement, but workable. It's in my garage, painted black and has a plexi cover over the CP, so cleaning isn't an issue. The monitor front glass lifts out easily to allow cleaning of the screen.

    No repairs are necessary at this time, as it all works perfectly and is quite stable.

Upcoming JAMMA cab projects as of 7-26-01:


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